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4 Minute Workout


If you have 4 minutes, then you can literally blast the fat off your body... without any equipment or going to gym!4 Minute Workout brings you 4 high intensity body weight exercises that hit every part of your body.
The total workout consists of: 30 seconds exertion (time during which you actually workout) followed by 30 seconds rest. Repeat this for all 4 exercises and there you have your complete workout done in 4 minutes!
The workout timer runs in the background. You don't need to carry any stopwatch or follow any instruction on video, the timer tells you when to start and when to stop! We've made it that simple.
What the 4 Minute Workout app does:
- Outline of all 4 workouts- Video demonstrations of all workputs- Perform the workout without any timer- Use the app's built in workout audio timer- Excuse Buster: Feel like not working out? Use Excuse Buster to get you back on track!
Stay fit!